Turn Your Resume Into a Dynamic Sales Page in Three Easy Steps

In order to transform your resume into a dynamic document, you must starting thinking about you as a valuable commodity and not a job seeker like the rest of the plodding masses. Starting with the introductory cover letter, the resume becomes a high powered sales ad starring your life and achievements. Let's see how to accomplish this feat.

1). Throw out the job objective statement and instead write a paragraph summary describing who you are, what you have done already and what you can accomplish for the company. This will leave the reader wanting more information which you will include in the balance of the document. This must be objective and measurable, with goals already completed and documented.

2). Following the summary paragraph, continue to build on this with action verbs in the work experience section. Use terms such as coordinated or implemented to describe how you lead a team in pursuit of a goal such as cost cutting measures. You can also throw in a few key buzzwords from the industry that are being used in today's lexicon. This will ensure the employer that you keep up with current trends.

3). Make sure that you include a section on volunteer work that you do. It shows that you are a caring and well rounded individual that cares about his community. Sometimes this type of work is also a point of interest for the manger who shares your passion. Be sure to put something in here to round out the paper.

You now have the agreement, go load up that resume. Good luck!

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Source by Brian G Chadra