How to Become a Faster Typist

The ability to type quickly is crucial in today’s world that is dominated by computers and the Internet. Your typing speed will affect how fast you can type letters, email messages, blog content, articles, and messages in forums, conduct research and many other day-to-day computer functions.

Meager typing skills will effect your productivity with computers and the Internet. Possessing good typing skills will increase your opportunities to find traditional jobs and work from home. Most work from home involves typing and data entry work.

If you are a two-finger, hunt and peck typist, you are seriously limiting your typing speed. You can easily double your speed if you learn correct techniques with proper finger placement and without looking at the keyboard. The position of your fingers is important. When putting your index fingers on J and F on the keyboard, you’ll get an idea of which fingers can hit which keys.

If you teach yourself how to type without a course you may develop bad habits that will affect your typing speed. All courses teach you correct touch typing techniques and how to use all ten fingers without looking at the keyboard. Take advantage of one of the many free and inexpensive touch typing tutorials that are available online. They will teach you how to type in a systematic way and provide tools to learn, improve and practice your typing skills. Choose from beginner, intermediate, advanced, and specialty typing lessons depending on your current skills.

Choose a course that uses visualization and memory techniques and you will master typing skills fast while having fun learning. Instead of doing boring exercises, you can learn or improve touch typing quickly while playing fun games. Typing games are not just for children. They make learning to type more fun. Some courses promise that you’ll be able to type quickly without errors and without looking at the keyboard in just a few weeks, even if you do nothing more than play their games regularly.

The only way you can get good at touch typing and build up speed is by practice. You have to be dedicated and type every day while learning to touch type.

You will be tempted to look at the keyboard while practicing but don’t do it. With practice, touch typing will become second nature and you will soon be typing faster than you ever imagined.

Touch typing will become so automatic, it will be hard to imagine that you ever did it any other way. When you learn the correct finger placement and practice, your speed will improve and you will be more productive in today’s computerized world.

Source by Leva Duell