Can A Crowd Funding Campaign Help This Young Lady?

Fundraising is not just for start up businesses any longer. More and more people try to raise funds for just about anything online. You can find hundreds of webpages of people raising money to pay vet bills, cover medical procedures and some are even trying to fund their honeymoon.

Tanya is a girl on a mission! She is passionate, focused and volunteers over 40 hours each week in a call center talking to teens, young adults and their parents. She is an Honor Academy student wishing to attend a life changing event

The 19-year-old South Dakota resident is living and taking classes at the Honor Academy in the heart of Texas. She does not own a car and has little to no time for a paying job, or local fundraising, that would help her cover the expenses of attending a required mission trip to Mexico as is part of her internship.

My biggest passion in life is to help others! Tanya states on her online fundraising page. The prayer request board that sits on her desk at the call center speaks volumes to the amount of calls she takes in a day, and her dedication to them.

Tanya graduated high school in 2012 and in the past five years has volunteered in a Children's Hospital, answered calls for a Suicide Hotline and helped with the Habitat for Humanity organization. She is also a Certified Nursing Assistant and worked on the Alzheimer unit in a nursing home.

After she graduates from the one year internship in Texas she intends to join the Americorp program to be a FEMA team leader for 12 months. Ultimely Tanya wants to continue her training to become a teacher or Registered Nurse.

Now let's get back to the original question, "Can you raise funding help her?". After 6 days she has only reached about 17% of her goal. The target amount would cover the expense for the mission trip to Mexico, air fare plus two nights accommodation for leadership training.

"Woohoo! I now have enough money for the first payment of the mission trip." Tanya posted on her fundraising page. While this is a notable stone, she still has a long way to go.

In the past, online readers have shown their support to countless other fund raising campaigns. It's this sense of community that allows others who are less competent to reach out and ask for help. But it is time consuming to create a fundraising page and there is no guarantee that you will actually get people to donate to you and your cause.

Competing with thousands of other fund raisers for a spot on their home page to get exposure is more than daunting, it's almost impossible to achieve. There is also the embarrassment factor. You do not just petition strangers, but your friends and family may hear about your fund raising campaign as well.

"I was a bit embarrassed at first to ask complete problems to help fund my mission trip, but after reading about the generosity and support that people are willing to give, I felt more comfortable."

One of the articles Tanya read about was a family about to loose their home to foreclosure. Thanks to readers more than $ 40,000 were raised in only 24 hours. This is an amazing and inspiring success story!

Will this passionate young lady be able to reach her crowding funding goal and be able to go on a mission trip? I certainly hope so, but only time will tell.

Source by Silke Jager