Project Posting and Bidding Websites

If you are a freelancer or company offering services or are looking for help from others in order to help get something done – then you should visit some of the "online project posting and bidding websites".

These sites have thousands of service providers bidding for projects posted by people looking for help. The competitive nature, ensures that you get competitive rates. The lowest bid does not necessarily mean that the project is won by that bidder – and the buyer is free to chose the winner, after reviewing submitted proposals.

If you are the buyer looking to outsource your project need – make sure you do enough research and check out the background of the service provider, prior to awarding them the project (usually a link on these sites gives you their past performance history). Make sure the business terms are clear and sign a contract prior to beginning or making and down payment.

If you are a service provider – make sure that you read the project requirement in details and that each proposal you submit is personalized – and not justa cookie cutter cut-and-paste response. I've seen countless service providers do this online, and this is the surest way of getting returned.

Some popular project posting and bidding websites that you may want to visit and sign up are –

Some of these have free and paid sections. These are a good place to start.

Source by Vishal Lamba