Agility Dog Training Safety

Training a dog in agility can be a lot of fun for both the trainer and the dog. Sometimes people will train their dogs to compete in agility trials. If you are planning on entering your dog in agility competition, you really need to hire a professional trainer; but if you are just training your dog in agility for fun, you can do the training at home using household items to construct the agility course. But you do need to be aware of the safety issues for the dog. Dogs can and do get hurt on improperly constructed agility courses and with improper agility training techniques.

Before you even start agility training, you first need to check with your veterinarian. There are some breeds of dogs that really should not do much jumping, particularly when they are puppies.

Agility training should start early in a dog's life. An eight-week-old puppy is not too young to learn how to run through a tunnel that is constructed of pasteboard. Remember the "I-did-good-equals-reward" doggie mentality.

If you are doing agility training at home just for fun, and you set up an agility course using household items, be certain that there are no sharp corners or pointy objects that could put your dog's eye out.

When you set up a bar for the dog to jump over, be certain that the bar can be displaced both ways.

Do not expect miracles. Agility training takes time – lots of time – and agility training takes patience – lots of patience. Also remember that from the dog's point of view, any training is not work. You must not treat agility training as work. From the dog's point of view, agility training is FUN and quality time that he gets to spend PLAYING with you.

Source by Milos Pesic