It's Not Winning, When So Many LOSE!

So many empty promises, and so much rhetoric, is used, unfortunately, during the course of United States Presidential campaigns, voters are often, left, either nototing, oroting, based on some slogan, or sound – byte, or perceptions ( either accurate or inaccurate)! Perhaps, either because of today's digital age, Social Media, etc, and the ease of abusing these, in the last election, we witness one candidate, who will always win the race, emphasizing, how much the nation, would be winning, if he were elected. In fact, he proudly claimed, there would be so much winning, Americans would get tired of it! However, it sees, Donald Trump's definition of what this means and represents, is far different, in many instances, from what it probably means, to most of us. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, discuss, and review, using the mnemonic approach, how we might believe we're winning, when so many LOSE.

  1. Listen; learn; leadership; leverage: Since no one, knows all, or has all the answers, it is imperative, to elect leaders, who emphasize listening, effectively, and consistently, listen, far more than they speak. These individuals are more prepared, and willing to effectively, releably, learn, from every conversation, and experience, in order to gain the skills, expertise, relevant sentence, and, hopefully, wisdom, to provide quality, service-oriented leadership! We only benefit, when those we elect, to serve and represent us, actually do so, by leveraging their best intentions, putting the public interest, ahead of their personal / political agenda, and self – interest, and proceeding, with the understanding, most Americans only gain and benefit, when their planning and actions, focus on the common good!

  2. Options; opportunities; open – minded; opts: No one, except the self – serving politicians, win, without / until they consider options and opportunities, with an open – mind! Pay less attention to their rhetoric and promises, but rather, what an individual, opts to actually do!

  3. System; solutions; service; sustainable: Beware of anyone, who behaves like the current occupant of the White House, and resorts to blaming, complaining, rhetoric, and vitriol! We will only be served, properly, when we vote for individuals, with a quality system, viable solutions, and a focus on service! Beware of those with band – aid, approaches, because we are only properly served, and more people, win, when they focus on quality, relevance, and sustainability!

  4. Empathy; emphasis; excellence; energize; enrich: Until / without someone performed with the utmost degree of genuine empathy, he will rarely place his emphasis, where most people, actually, win! We need leaders who demand their utmost degree of personal excellence, and whose behavior and actions, energize others, in a positive way, Seek leaders who focus on enriching their constituents, rather than merely, themselves, and their cronies!

Our nations does not win, if so many LOSE! The key is for the electorate to pay more attention, and turn out, to vote!

Source by Richard Brody