The Top 5 Benefits of Online Learning

Learn at your pace:

With online learning you can learn at your own pace. Taking breaks as and when you need them. We all have varying concentration levels, and an intensive training session is one of the least effective ways to learn new skills. Unfortunately especially with IT, intensive teaching courses are the norm, rather than the exception.

Learn at the times you want:

With online video tutorials, you can learn at your own speed. Commonly we are not at our best in the afternoon. Consequently evening courses (which are restricted by tutor availability and resources) can be a strain on our concentration. The ability to start and stop on demand, creates a freedom to allow you to pursue other interests in you life, even scheduling your learning around other daily commitments.

Use the online community to assist you:

Online learning facilitates approaching others for assistance, due to the simplicity of posting a link, or pasting the unclear information on a forum or social networking site. This overcomes the complexity of explaining the area of misunderstanding. Commonly another person can explain the problem better, simply by rephrasing the explanation in clearer language.

Use video’s to accelerate learning:

Video “how to” tutorials are and easy, fun way to learn. They capture information in a very concise and efficient way, enabling rapid ingestion of information. They present the information in an auditory and visual format, allowing the viewer to maintain concentration easier to learn faster, and more efficiently.

Learn with the latest information:

Well maintained, online tutorials, usually contains the most up-to-date content. This is in comparison to printed text, which is usually out of date as soon as it is produced. This is especially relevant to IT, where new versions of the software package can be released each year. It’s logical to only lean with the latest information.

Source by Oliver Crawford