Wrong Environments Inhibit Great Writing Potential

More Authors Availed, More New Ideas, And Our World Advances

Sometimes it is not about your potential, but where you are operating from. You have a great and amazing talent, yes, that is true. However, in life, it is not only a matter of having a great talent. With the talent, there must be a conducive environment to make that talent grow and bear fruition.

Focusing on African talent, I can testify that we have so much talent in the literature industry, but sometimes much of that talent is missed or hindered by negative environments.

As an aspiring writer, I focus much on literary talents, especially in the African continent which is where I come from.

I have seen and met many young talented and zealous people who have the potential to actually transform our world had they been strategically positioned for greatness. Most of these young people reside in the rural areas where they do not have adequate access to technological resources like the internet to enable them to promote and share their ideas with the world.

Yes, a young person can have an amazing tale of talent, yet if they do not have access to resources, their talent will actually die an immature death. Eventually, we lose a lot of talent in the process.

Wrong environments do not only mean living in the rural areas. One can actually reside in the rural areas, yet be very successful in life. What matters most is not the place you are, but where you are operating with regards to what you want to achieve in life.

Types of environments

  1. The place you live

    2. The people you hang around with

    3. The thoughts you have about life

    4. Your beliefs

In this regard, we can see that environments will span from the economy, the society, politics, and technological, intellectual and geographical factors.

Negative environments inhibit the manifestation of great talent or potential, which is why it is very important for our African leaders to try as much to create environments which elicit innovation amongst the young people.

Every plant has a potential to flourish provided it is rooted in a fertile or conducive ground. If a plant grows from a fertile land, it will blossom and become fruitful. On the other hand, if a plant grows from an infertile land, it will not flourish and it actually starves and dies.

This is what life is like. Every potential needs to be nurtured for it to grow and bear fruits.

We have so much talent in Africa. Our young people wield so much talent and potential which, if only nurtured and utilised well, can actually help our continent develop and advance even more.

This may involve improving the educational systems, helping those with innovative ideas to actually put them into practice by establishing facilities to that end. Also, there is need to embrace the new technological resources in all sectors of the economy, both in the rural and urban settings so that every young person has access.

It is normal and common that a plant which sprouts from a rock will yield differently from the one which sprouts from a fertile land.

We have young thinkers spread all over the world. Most of these have no access to resources and at the end of it all they neglect their ideas as they seek to meet the demands of life. It is our duty as adults to track those young people and create for them environments which help them become even more innovative and in the process transform our world as a whole.

I have been writing from a very tender age, but because of lack of resources and access, I had to somehow leave my passion and calling to pursue other things in life. It was only after I could fend for myself that I reverted back to my original calling. If I had everything I needed to write and publish at that time, I would have written and published much to this date. Not necessarily that I regret the time I spend on those other things, but my point is that there are so many young people going through the same situations, people who could actually be doing great things to transform our world.

This is why I have decided to spend my time writing about the writer and trying to inspire young people to think and capture their ideas, to write their own stories and share their ideas with the world. When people write, they are thinking, writing then becomes the best way people capture their great and amazing ideas for the future use.

For me, if the world is to get more from the world then more focus must be put on inspiring people to be more innovative and to elicit new ideas from the young people.

I believe more is still yet to come from the young people. With the right environments, our young people are able to shape our world.

Source by Tichaona Gumunyu