Foundational Principles

The foundation of what is to be known

From studying the knowledge of the universal truths of the universe, I have learned that there is a main idea to summarize everything. We are all looking for success on earth and union with the creator, who is God.

  1. God is the supreme being of existence! (Existing in a supreme state of being).
    2. The creator of the universe (creates in THIS universe).
    3. The shaper of the world (Willing or shaping from a supreme state of being or vibrational frequency).
    4. Also has full dominion over all of the universe.

    How is this possible? God uses the laws that are already usable that comes with the creation.

    The 7 or 12 universal laws of creating exist due to the fact that we and the universe exist. That's it.

    All things in the universe is energy. All energy everywhere is made of atoms. The atoms of everything everywhere, has a specific rate of spin which is called a frequency. The frequency is an atoms rate of vibration (look up vibrations in high school physics).

    So all energy vibrates at a frequency, our bodies is energy, and so with Gods supreme state of being, due to existing at a vibrational frequency that is the highest possible, God can manipulate these laws into their fullest measure measure.

    The thing is this we can too, at the highest possible excess a human can, when we understand what a child of God is.

    "And just as you are the offspring of God" Acts 17-29

    "Ye are Gods and all of you are children of the most high" Psalms 82-6

    In real life we ​​all descend from a specific person, who's origins are 6000 years minimum, even though remains are found which are more ancient. These bees possessed the self NATURE needed for religion, and practiced high culture because they exuded these positive attributes by nature and performed specific instructions of spirituality by nature.

    Now the first person to exist in scriptural terms is called Adam or Adam Kadmon. What Kadmon means is the heavenly attribute which eternally exists.

    "The kingdom of God cometh not with observation, NEITHER will say it is for the kingdom of God is within you" Luke 17-20

Adam receives his breath from God, and we breathe that same breath right now. We always have the essence that allows us to attain Christ consciousness regardless of our environment. This means no matter how serious the pollution we are around our body can re-calibrate to its alpha DNA pattern. This alignment with the alpha DNA pattern simultanously results in Christ consciousness or what is the called union with the God-self. This will occur due to the truth or definite law of alchemy. Alchemy is the science and art of raising the vibration of all of the bodily elements to their highest possible state of health or being, by the body's raised vibration. Alchemy is synonymous with the subject chemistry. Chemistry is the combing of elements to produce a predicted output.First one must know every element of the body because they will need to exercise each element. This is what is called a full knowledge of self, which a person needs to exercise the entire self. They can then proceed to what to do now / next.

Source by Tykan D Logan