Trade Show Booths And Banner Stands For The 21st Century: New Technologies And Innovations

Static trade show stands are increasingly a thing of the past. The new trade show booths are interactive, featuring multimedia, online connectivity, and futuristic styling. While typical banner stands will still be useful and provide good results, understanding and utilizing the new designs can cause a dramatic improvement for your company.

Online Integration For Trade Show Stands

The internet is a powerful tool, connecting people across the globe in an instant. It has become an equally powerful tool for use alongside trade show booths, both before, during, and after the convention. Before the convention, you can use Facebook and Twitter to promote your company's presence at an upcoming exhibition. During the show, you can encourage people to interact with your company by becoming a fan of your page on Facebook or choosing to follow you on Twitter. Trade show stands are increasing significantly integrated with the internet, and you may choose to use this to your advantage by displaying your Facebook page or Twitter feed in a prominent location. Even if your banner stands do not permit the inclusion of more advanced technology, remember that most of your visitors will likely bring internet-capable cell phones with them to the convention, and can still friend you, follow you, and subscribe even without a full computer setup.

Multimedia Within Trade Show Booths

Miniaturization technology has increased the portability of many displays previously impractical to place inside a convention exhibit. There are many changes created by this advance, but the most important one is the ability to place a projector screen inside even a small unit. These units are able to be packed into a small carrying case, including the projector. Connected to a small laptop computer, these pack a big punch into a reliably small display area. The projector itself is somewhat more expensive, but the results can be more than worth it.

Advanced Banner Stands Transcend Former Limits

A classic disadvantage of banner stands was that they had limited ability to display literature and products. Recent advances have changed this, adding a small display platform to the front of the units without dramatically increasing their size. They still pack small, as they traditionally have, but they now carry these additional benefits. Now, combining multiple banner stands can completely mimic the feel of a small exhibit; with some limits, literature and small products can be placed as needed around the stand itself.

New Materials, New Designs

Highly engineered animals have created new opportunities for innovation in styling and structure of exhibits. Now more than ever, virtually anything that your design department can create can become reality. Stronger materials also look attractive, presenting many additional options as well.

You do not need to combine all of these advances to gain a substantial benefit for your company's exhibition presence. You can choose one or two complementary features that will work together. For instance, you could choose to have the projection screen displaying Facebook, Twitter, or both. Combining projection with the internet is a powerful way to unite two advances in exhibition technology, introducing your company as a current and dynamic entity.

Source by Chris A. Harmen