Promotions Made Easy – Why Lazy Promoters Choose Imprinted Hand Sanitizers

If you are looking for an easy way to promote your business there are a few items that work as well as imprinted hand sanitizers.

People are always on the move. Think about how many times during the day your customers come in contact with dirty, germ-laden surfaces yet can not wash their hands because they are not near a sink. That's where a personalized hand sanitizer comes to the rescue.

Here are just come from the common scenarios where your pocket spray could double as a mobile advertising vehicle:

  • Your customer just filled up his tank.
  • Your customer needs germ-free hands to eat his fast food.
  • Business meetings, trade shows and conferences require many a hand shakes
  • Mommy wants the children to have clean hands after they leave the playground
  • Just walked the dog?
  • On point-of-purchase counters
  • Working around the house or the yard
  • On vacation, in the airport, at the gym
  • Any public space
  • Dealing with sick children

What has caused imprinted hand sanitizers to spread around the workplace, schools, gyms, playgrounds, hospitals and homes across the country?

Well, human hands assist pathogens with their primary mission of transmission. And since people tend to touch their eyes, nose and mouth many times during the course of a day it is easy for germs to spread. Of course you can not always wash your hands any time you touch an object or surface, so alcohol-based hand sanitizing gels, moisturizers, foams and wipes are there to break down the germs' cell walls.

Can hand sanitizers keep my customers from getting the flu?

Not exactly, however according to the Centers for Disease Control, it is recommended to use sanitizers with 60 percent alcohol (ethanol or isopropanol) because that concentration amount can kill flu viruses on hands. As you know, these viruses are also airborne.

My hands are sensitive and alcohol makes them dry. What is recommended?

There are also non-alcohol anti-microbials such as Benzalkonium Chloride, which is on plant oils to eliminate germs. For those with sensitive skin, it is recommended to use fragrance and dye-free products. Some hand sanitizers use organic alcohol and do not contain artificial fragrances, and then, will set you back a couple dollars more.

Source by Rob Stillman