Preparing For a Model Agency Interview

What Happens at a Model Agency Interview?

Going to a model agency is a wonderful way to finally get discovered and get the chance to become a real model. What's nice about these agencies is that they can give you the connections that you need for success, so you should really consider going to an agency. What most people are afraid of is not being able to handle the model agency interview, and whether or not they can handle the questions that they will ask. They do not ask you extremely personal questions, but it's good to remember what you should say if ever they ask you something which is pretty personal.

What Agencies Want to Know

On average, they will simply ask you the most basic questions like your name, age, height, and experience. This should not worry you at all, and it's important for you to stay calm through the interview so that you do not accidently say something that is not even true. Most people get so nervous, they end up saying their wrong age or height. Some people even say their name wrong. Remember that it's just a model agency interview, so it's not a place where they decide who gets a job or not. They're just trying to find out who you are, so they can put your name next to the future casting calls where they need people specifically like you.

Staying Calm and Answering Correctly

Staying calm and answering correctly is a tough thing to do, especially if this is something that you really want. Instead of making that turn against you, try using your nervousness to work for you. Remember that you would not feel nervous if ever you did not care about the event, so think about the fact that being nervous is great for yourself. To stay calm, try imagining that the interview is already over, and that you can relax because you know you did your best. This is pretty tough to do at first, but you'll see your mind taking a different direction once you do learn how to master your feelings.

What to Wear to Model Agency Interview

You should mainly consider wearing something that shows your ordinary look. The truth is that some directors just want to see exactly what you look like normally without having to wear extravagant clothing. So, you want to keep this in mind, so that you do not dress up too much like a star right away.

Model agencies are looking for all kinds of looks, so do not feel discouraged if ever you think that you can not be a model. The modeling industry needs people who look different, and they're always in need of new talent and models that can bring something different to the plate. At your interview, just remember to keep calm as best as you can. Staying calm is the best thing that you can do, as that can help you out tremendously on actually talking rather than stuttering through your interview. Modeling agencies know exactly when a model is nervous, so do not let them see you sweat one bit.

Source by Bob Pardue