Five Facts You Did not Know About Gold

So you've decided to sell your old gold? That's great! Did you know that selling your old and unwanted gold to a cash for gold service is one of the best and quickest ways to get quick cash? Not only do you avoid having to make a repayment to a creditor, but you also receive your money in a matter of days! But before you go ahead and send off your gold, here are five things you probably did not know about gold.

First of all, the price of gold has been increasing over the last decade and is now at an all-time high. It's incredibly unbelievably that you'll be faced with this level of value for gold, so now is the perfect time to make use of cash for gold services and sell your unwanted precious metals. Refiners and cash for gold services will never again be this interested in your small amounts of unwanted gold at home, so take advantage of it and make sure you send off your gold soon!

Secondly, what you think is gold might not actually be that great in quality. A lot of the time you might not realize that the 'gold' trinkets and jewelery you keep at home is actually gold plated – and gold plated objects will generally not be favored, or accepted, when it comes to selling your gold to be refined. To speed up the process, you might want to take your jewelery to a jeweler before you send it to a cash for gold firm to ensure that you will not be disappointed.

Another thing to remember about gold is its value fluctuates on a daily basis. If you're planning on selling your gold, it might be worth studying the market for a few days before deciding when the best time is to sell your gold. If you do this well, you might be able to land an extra few pounds when you receive the payment for your gold!

Do also remember that not every refunder out there will offer you the same price. Using comparison websites you can make sure that you choose the firm which is going to offer you the best price for your gold.

Finally, cash for gold companies will sometimes reject gold if they have precious stones in them, due to complications in removing them. In which case, it's worth your while getting stones removed before sending off the gold. You'll probably even be able to sell the precious stone for a good price, anyway!

Source by Brendan Flushing