High Risk Investments For Your Retirement Fund

Would you take a risk with your retirement fund? There are many less secure and high risk ways of building up a fund for your retirement.

There are savings and investment plans with banks which can give some form of guaranteed return but with the chance of achieving a higher growth rate than advertised, these are usually for very short term of no more than a few years.

Most people would say that in their opinion the risciest form of financial speculation is stock market investment. This is usually achieved by using the help of a broker who has experience in this type of high risk investment. Whilst the rate of return can be extremely high, there is an equal amount of chance that you may stand to lose all of your investment as the stock market is always fluctuating up and down and knowledge, experience and a strong nerve will play an important part in your success or failure.

This is where it is advisable to seek out a long standing and very experienced broker this usually is achieved through recommendations from other investors or approaching well known brokerage firms.

After much clarification you now have the most important decision to make on how much money you are willing to invest. It has been said it is a rule of thumb, the way to decide on a figure, is to ask yourself a question, how much you would be willing to lose without forcing yourself into bankruptcy, because as mentioned previously you can make massive gains but you also stand a chance of losing everything over night.

This type of financial speculation is likened to a visit to a roulette table in a casino and this begs the question. Are you the type of person to take a gamble with your future?

Source by Kathy Mercado