Tips On How Not To Ejaculate Too Fast – Great Methods That Work!

Do you want to know how not ejaculate too fast during sex? If so then you are in the right place because I am about to share some great tips with you. There is no need to accept the fact you can not hold up longer then few minutes because it's possible to fix this problem with a few very simple methods. All you have to know that using all the creams and lotions is not the best solution because not only it does not fix the problem itself – you also do not really enjoy during sex because you feel nothing. So let's see how you can solve that fast ejaculation problem so you and your girlfriend will be able to enjoy full and long sex!

Different positions give you different irritation levels and you have to use this in your favor. Find the one that does not make you reach climax and your girlfriend also enjoys it. It will take a little time but it works great!

Almost all the guys think about one thing during sex – their orgasm. That is their mistake because they are actually trying to get one as fast as possible and then complain why they can not last longer in bed. What you need to do is to start focusing on your girlfriend's orgasm instead of yours. Just forget about yourself and focus on everything else – her body, her fun. You can put your own a goal to bring her to orgasm – it will distract your attention and help you to not ejaculate too fast!

Source by David Marshal