1 Female Orgasm Technique That Women Would Pay Their Man to Master

Do you know that you can actually make your woman orgasm within mere minutes? All you need to do, is just use this deceiptively simple trick! This trick is so rarely discussed that most men have actually never heard of it and probably never will.

Think about it. Many a times, you've sworn at women for being way too emotional, the one trait that every man hates.

Yet without them realizing, therein lies the key to a mind-blowing orgasm.

The speed of a woman's orgasm actually completely depends on her emotions. No matter what the emotion is, whether on a high or low level, she is likely to climax incredibly quick without any prior need for stimulation.

How do you do that? Make her angry. It is that simple, it almost seems stupid.

Have you ever surprised why sex after a heated argument with your partner is so great? Well, now you know.

When women become emotional, they become more sexually intensified.

And since anger is a very powerful emotion, a woman is sure to have an intense and passionate orgasm !.

Make the most out of every quarrel you might get into your woman or when she is highly emotional. Do the most annoying thing that she hates, just to push her "hot" buttons or watch a sad movie to make her cry.

Then, lead her into bed and ravage her with kisses and caress. Imagine yourself having a love making session on steroids. You will be surprised how quick she will reach an orgasm (or even multiplles). Be amazed at how well it works. You can thank me later.

Source by Orrick Lee