Breast Augmentation – How Breast Implants Can Improve Your Sex Life

Your boyfriend or husband thinks you are beautiful just the way you are. They do not want you going under the knife unnecessarily. That's their standard reply every time you mention breast augmentation. Many women though, have found a better reason to go for implants-an improved sex life.

If you feel uncomfortable in your body because of the size of your breasts or due to their symmetry, switching off the light every time you make out is not a lasting solution. Beside, where's the fun if you do not get to see each other. There have already been tons and tons of published data which speaks about how plastic surgery can enhance your body image and give you the confidence to face the world, most importantly face your sexual concerns.

However, a recent study gives concrete proof that it definitely is an added perk for your sex life. And most importantly you do not have to fake it! It is now a known fact that women achieve enhanced orgasms after breast augmentation. Plastic surgeers believe it is because an increase in confidence levels can increase intimacy among partners.

Does that mean that every time you want to achieve an orgasm a lift or an implant is recommended? "No", advise the doctors. There is no hard and fast rule that implants will affect your love life. It is not a permanent cure either for any bedroom dysfunction.

However, let's say you are a mother of two kids and the pregnancy has left you in a state where you feel your body is lot less desirable than it was prior to pregnancy. You are so embarrassed; you think that your partner will not like what he sees. A body contouring or breast augmentation may then be suggested. It may give you the much needed confidence to get intimate without any fear blocking your desire for pleasure.

  • Escape To Fantasy

    Doctors say it is not new to see their doctors gleaming about how happy they are and how excited their husbands are with the new look. "Me and my husband are having loads of fun after I got myself a breastfeeding augmentation", Beverly Hills resident, 33-year-old Kathy Logan, wife and a mother of two comments.

    But the doctors think there's more to it than tummy tucks or breast augmentation. For a good love life all you need is a good imagination and the joint ability to conjure up an erotic fantasy. However, if you feel your body image is hampering your fantasy because you do not see yourself fitting in that mold, it could be a good idea to change that with plastic surgery and add the much needed impetus to make things happen in bed.

    "They are definitely a work of art. I absolutely love and adore my beautiful and natural-looking breastfeeding augmentation", Beverley Hills mom of four proclamations after her surgery that, she admits, cave her more confidence in intimate situations.

    Remember, though, if you are basically inhibited in sharing your wild thoughts with your partner, no amount of body contouring, tummy tuck or breast augmentation is going to change that. That might just require some couple's therapy.

When taking a decision on breast augmentation, plastic surgeers suggest that you go for an extensive consultation, discuss the various breast implant options that are available and how it is going to affect you, rather if it will meet your needs and goals.

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