Internet Video Conference – Tips on Getting the Best Results

Ever realize how technology can now arrange for you a meeting with a person or a group of people face-to-face without even actually being in the same room, same building, or even same country? Just a mirage? No. It is possible. Internet video conference is this means of communication that allows a virtual meeting to take place between people or groups that are in fact separated by vast distance. This technology has made the simple desks and laptops of many employees and businessmen turn into practical meeting tools.

Aside from business concerns, internet video conference can also be used to communicate with friends and loved ones through the help of cyberspace. Internet video conferencing is a more personal way to keep in touch with your family and other people than sending snail mails or even e-mails.

To get the best out of an Internet video conference, read on the following factors that contribute to the success of each Internet video conference feat, especially for business meetings.

Internet Video Conference Devices

Internet video conference could not be carried out without extensive bandwidth and a powerful desktop computer. Bandwidth is one of the favorite words in the world of modern communication. It is simply known as the speed with which the information travels. Two of the popular higher bandwidth channels are Ethernet and ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Networks).


Internet video conference is about being able to view the speaker or the presentation. Lighting must be given major consideration since lighting affects the view veryly. Fluorescent lights and light placed directly behind the speaker are not advisable if one wishes to obtain the best viewing pleasure from an Internet video conference.

Eye Contact

Using cue cards make it appear like the speaker doing a presentation is looking directly to the eye of the other participant. During Internet video conferences, it is important that one does not lose the attention of the other person. And this could be best accomplished through maintaining a virtual eye contact.

Ear Contact

The audio aspect of an Internet video conference is apparently another element that needs to be given significant importance. Talking distinctly and slowly will give the listener enough time to catch up with the presentation and absorb better the ideas being presented. Avoid a monotonous tone of voice to keep your listener from being drowned into the world of boredom.

Visual Aids

Like in teaching, instructions become more clear when they're presented with photos and props. While handling an Internet video conference going an extra mile through the use of visual aids will give you more edge.


Improved interaction is one of the major goals of an Internet video conference. It is recommended to pause for a few minutes after stating an important thought to permit interaction among the participants of the conference.


Observing proper decorum will not only show the self-discipline of the participants, it will also promote the smoother flow of the internet video conference. Any unnecessary movements like yawning, fidgeting and talking about irrelevant topics are surefire ways of distracting the person that is presenting or the one that is listening attentively.

These mentioned factors of a successful Internet video conference will be better implemented through the assistance of a moderator. A good moderator must ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the conference by prompting well the speakers and assuring that the speakers have the listeners' attention.

Source by Allen Williams