How to Search For Jobs in Uganda

The number of people who need employment in Uganda is too large compared to the jobs available. It is therefore important to be smart in the job search if you are to stand a chance of becoming successful or to find work at all. Below are the best ways to look for employment in Uganda.


Using the internet to find vacancies is now becoming a common trend in Uganda though many people do not know where to find work in Uganda when it comes to online Job search. There is no doubt that the internet is one of the best ways to get jobs today. There are many websites which list current jobs on a daily basis. The most popular sites among all include the following;

– Public Service site

– Uganda Picks

– Uganda Forums and

– Uganda work now –

Recruitment companies

You can also use Recruitment agencies to search for employment. The good thing with such companies is that they always have many job opportunities from different employers. The best recruitment companies you can use include;

– NFT consult (Found at Kisozi Complex)

– People performance group (PPG) (Located at Naguru)

– Dama Consult (Head office at Uganda House)

– UNISIS (Offices at Kampala Serena)

News papers You can successfully search and find jobs in Uganda popular news papers. Many employers list jobs every week and the papers I advise to check for jobs are;

– The New Vision (Jobs are listed every Monday)

– Daily Monitor (Jobs are listed every Wednesday)

The daily monitor also has a job board where you can advertise yourself every Wednesday, It costs you only 2000 Ugandan shillings and you will be exposed to thousands of employers.

Source by Andrew Segawa